Thursday, May 05, 2016

I start rumors.

About a year ago this warehouse space started spouting from the edge of town. Mr S. and I have been watching it pretty closely because it is a shit-ton of space. I would say all the warehouses take up as much space as our municipal airport. It's easily 100's of thousands of square feet. We've been dying to know what was going to go in there. It's gonna take a lot of jobs to staff those warehouses, and those people are going to need some place to live.

Yesterday it was announced that Tesla is expanding to my city. And I highly suspect these warehouses are a part of that. The only thing that doesn't make me 100% sure is that they are being painted with the Tesla colors. But it takes a very big player to need this much pace. And Elon needs a lot of space right now. I suspect these are part warehouses.

I guess the gentrification of Stockton is going to start more quickly than I thought. This is going to be a boon to all the surrounding cities. Even all the way to Stockton.

I've shit on Tesla forever. I don't think they would survive without subsidies and that still pisses me off honestly. I don't like the government picking and choosing winners. Having said that - I hope he makes it. For sure he is going to die trying.  Elon will go down in the history books as having changed the world.

I saw him speak a couple of years into the recession. I was two houses under water. But he was two companies on the verge of bankruptcy. And it really just gave me an odd strength. I felt if this guy could suck it up - I could suck it up. Elon is on a whole nuther level of scrappy. And I just hope he makes it even though I still have my doubts.

This is only one of the finished buildings. I think there are about 5 that are this size. They have tons of bay doors on the other side for shipping.


  1. This makes me wonder about whether a warehouse complex or an office tower produces more demand for employees. It does make you wonder what will go in there and what jobs they will attract . When Amazon expanded they went dirt cheap and bought a warehouse in Tracy. I think they'll benefit going forward because they won't have to pay bay area wages. We've been looking for warehouse space for a year, but haven't found anything priced just right. DF

  2. Have you looked out towards Brentwood or Oakley? As far as a know, there isn't any reason to visit there. Maybe they have cheap warehouse space.

  3. We'be found two spots in Oakley at .60 pee foot, but the guy wouldn't rent to an arcade company. Now we're looking at the North Bay and think we'll find something in Petaluma. I think our ultimate plan is to save up $50k and buy a lot. Then we can put in shipping containers and operate it as a self storage rental company when we don't need the space. DF