Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ikea Hacks.

I finally got the counter top over at my rental finished and installed yesterday. I've never bought anything from Ikea before, but they were the only ones that sold wood in the size I needed. 26 inches x 6 and a half feet.

I had to chop of a couple of feet because it wouldn't be a hack if I could just stroll up and the counter top exactly fit. So I chopped of two feet, and put three coats of varnish on it. And now it looks current. When I stuck this in, no one was really using wood for counter tops. But since it was an island I took a chance. I didn't put a finish on the last try and it didn't age as well as I would have liked. Hopefully the varnish will make that better this time.

I think I'm more of an angry woodworker. I used to think guys did woodworking to get away from their wives. Because it's always old guys who are into that. But after this project - I think there are tons more fun ways to get away of your wife. If this is all you've got... that sucks. Wood is very unforgiving. I think the whole process is bullshit. But wood has it's own rules. I think woodworking would make me insane. There isn't enough tack cloth in the world to save me.

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