Monday, January 30, 2023

Avain Flu isn't just for the birds.

Three Grizzly Bears Tested Positive for Avian Flu in Montana.

The current outbreak has led to the deaths of more than 52 million birds in the United States. 

(and apparently at least three bears)

Who doesn't love blaming things on Biden? Right? If they don't tell you how severe the avian flu outbreak is, they can just blame it on inflation (and Biden) and not do anything about it. 

Do nothing Republicans would rather just burn the world down and blame it on "the Other Guy". Instead of coming up with solutions. The risk of "the Other Guy" getting credit is too risky. So we should just be a little less awful than the other team. That makes people want to join your team. Right?

Here's to hoping this doesn't bleed over into humans. Oh... what am I saying. Team herd immunity is going to pop up any minute and say we should have always been getting avian flu and that we have an immunity debt to it.

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