Tuesday, January 03, 2023

How are Tesla shareholders not melting down?

I haven't talked about Elon because I don't care. I don't think he really wanted to buy Twitter. But when you shoot your big fat mouth off (on twitter) about buying it, the SEC thinks your serious and you have to go through with the sale.

If I'm Elon, and I overpay for a company, I'd release all the secrets too just to make myself feel better. And all the stuff he released weren't really secrets. They were more like open secrets.

Elon is going to make twitter into a tic-toc clone and that's it. I think there is even a video where he says if he owned it, that's what he would do. I'm gonna take him at this word.

Tesla shareholder though... if I'm one of them - I'm as hot as fish grease. Tesla was 400 bucks. Now it's at 107ish. Thats 75% less!

Why aren't they screaming? Help me understand.

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