Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Denial. Year four.

America is the people on this bus. Look how not one person is aware of what is happening to the bus driver. Even as they crash, not one person goes to help the driver. This is exactly America right now. So self involved that they don't even get what is happening around them.

When people collapsed and died in China..... it was propaganda and not real. Yet when people collapse on a football field - the narrative is that people have heart attacks all the time. Despite us knowing since 2020 that SARS-2 causes blood clots. You literally have to be living in the deepest darkest cave to not see all the reports. This doctor on tic-toc (which I am not going to embed) explains to you what Covid does, and how. The spike protein is in SARS-2 AND the jab. Both things cause problems. The people who think this is the vax only are going to die if they don't protect themselves. And frankly I'm getting tired of trying to save people.

If you don't see what is happening in China and the UK, I don't even know what to say. People should honestly be shitting their pants a little. But....America is all those people on the bus in the video above.

The frustrating thing is has been happening to athletes for a very long time now. Most of them were only benched though for heart inflammation. Just do a google search.  It just happened to that soccer reporter at the World Cup. Oh... your going to say people have aneurysms all the time - right?! Did you know THREE reporters died that week. Suddenly? That certainly happens all the time.

I mean, what happened in China is happening here, and people are just clueless. I've lost hope they will ever get it. I've been at the "have it your way stage" for a very long time now.

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