Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Milgrim would be envious.

I'm fairly certain psychologists will be studying the behavior of people in the pandemic for decades to come,

In my opinion we've been living the real life Milgrim shock experiment the entire pandemic. It wasn't just denial. It was vengeance.


I am going to update this post and be more specific. The Governments "Plan" all along was herd immunity. And people complied in whatever form that got them there. Through vaccination, infection, or both.  Forcing others to get infected.

People ran interference for the government shouting down anyone that told them this might be a bad idea.

Herd immunity was never going to happen. NEVER. You could see it right away in March of 2020. Getting infected serves NO purpose.


  1. Go get a copy of "Obedience to Authority" by Stanley Milgram and read it.

    Pay attention to experiment 13.

    BTW Blogger comments have been messed up for me since May 2022.

    Also "Milgrim" is a character in a William Gibson novel. :-)

  2. Weird side effect of the OAS1 p46 mutation: I can't get infected but the crap presents as an allergen.

    Specifically as an IgA reaction only because my body won't allow it to replicate.

    So now if I start sneezing at random, I wonder if it's a coronavirus of any kind, and if it is that means it's at enough of an ambient level potentially to infect anyone without gene mutations.

    Sinus drainage from this crap is an added bonus annoyance, BTW.

  3. Ah cool. So you're just a carrier. I would really watch out for that Ig4 though. You may remain non-symptomatic, but there are tons of rumors about this Ig4 thing. The rumor hasn't been circulating for long enough for me to deem it plausible.

    I do enjoy seeing you though. you are fun to play with. And you have interesting stuff. Verbose, but interesting.

  4. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, February 05, 2023 3:42:00 PM

    That's clearly less of a thing now that Blogger has other ideas, but it's not just Blogger.

    The shorter the comment, the more likely it is to slip through the filters.

    The more privacy minded get filters, the less privacy minded get silos.

    Happens in Switzerland, happens in Serbia ... happened in Seattle but I didn't see it back then.

    It's not so much a matter of giving up as much as being territory I didn't care about holding.

    A reading of Rilke's "Ahead of all partings" would be appropriate here.

  5. Yes. Fresh beginnings are glorious.

    I bought a domain this year. I might go legit. I'm in the process of snapping up all the associated properties.