Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Conning you for clicks.

Your Living Standards Have Declined Dramatically.

"Everyone knows about the egg problem, which is being chalked up to a bird flu, just as Putin was responsible for the gas price and greedy meat processors caused beef prices to soar. Sorry but this is ridiculous. The price of eggs is up dramatically because all the costs associated with making them available to consumers are up." (emphasis mine)

Zerohedge almost admits it. Almost. But he'd rather froth you up, because apparently all you have to mention is DAVOS and people lose their minds.

What could he possibly mean "all the costs associated with making them" are up? He couldn't mean labor shortages could he? And bird flu is a HUGE thing. He knows this. He reads the same feeds I do. But that doesn't get him clicks and outrage. Bird flu is another thing no one seems to care about. Literally every day I read an article about it. 

"It’s the same with the Fed. It does not matter that the dollar can buy more foreign currencies than ever. That has nothing to do with anything. What matters is not how much foreign currency it can buy but how many goods and services it can buy. The reason it buys far less traces to the outrageous monetary expansions of 2020 and 2021. That’s the whole reason. At one point, monetary expansion was running 26 percent per year!"

Again. Sooooooo close.

Look, would I vote for Trump again? Probably. Having said that - HE PRINTED MORE MONEY THAN ALL OF THEM! And Repulicans used to care about that.

This is the cutest fib:

"They robbed you to fund their outrageous lockdown experiment and put as many businesses and people on the payroll as possible. They might as well have dropped money from helicopters. Now we are paying the price for this monetary malfeasance.".

They did drop money from helicopters. He knows this. FORGIVEN PPP LOANS ARE HELICOPTER MONEY.

I even made a post titled - What comes after Helicopter money. And you are absolutely going to get to find out.

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