Friday, November 20, 2020

What comes after helicopter money?


I will be calling the new administration backdoor Bernie. Because all of the financial illiterates have come out to play.  And Kamala doesn't know math. She's never had a real job.

The only fun is knowing that these idiots don't know what is coming for them. People vote against their best interest all the of time. We have never had a recession before where peoples finances were better than pre-ressession. And as you can see from existing home sales.......people don't normally buy houses in the type of climate we have. People are ~all~ technically poorer, but the life saving measures that Trump put in made it so no one lost their houses. In fact sales grew about 26%. Because that makes sense. Obama didn't save anyones houses.

Last night they were talking to a restaurant owner on the old people news who just paid 10 grand to enclose a deck. And now he's not even going to be able to use it because we are all going into lockdown. Yet people are just partying like it's 1999. I would guess that plastic enclosure I just talked about has to be in the 30 grand range.

The world is just completely insane right now.

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  1. "The world is just completely insane right now."

    You're not there yet ...

    ... but start imagining what the financial outlook is going to be when there's martial law in the US.

    Got any Christmas shopping to do?

    This week is a really good time.

    Milan's been crazy off and on with protests and other things going on.

    Despite being an industrial city, it's also a stylish city, and I'm one of the few people who puts Milano ahead of Venezia and Napoli because of the stylish parts. I really don't want to see anything bad happen to Milano, and yet the authorities are going to make sure that's what's coming.

    In Berlin, because the authorities can't let a bunch of people square off against the bullying of the State, they're using "medically approved" fire hoses to go up against actually peaceful protesters.

    Of course, the fire hoses work just like a mask, don't they. :-)

    Maybe those researchers in Denmark could do a further study on that.

    There isn't going to be a "Great Reset", BTW, even though those people have been lining things up for years.

    Such as Zygmunt Bauman, the "liquid modernity" guy they set up as an approved philosopher, whose sequels have been riffs on the same old idea which wasn't even his in the first place.

    You can tell the kind of people who read this sort of stuff so they can know their enemies versus the people who read it because they think there's something important to follow.

    The latter tend to be academics in a virtuous circle jerk who get their kicks from mutually reinforcing each other's mediocrity in a sea of no new ideas.

    How could they have any new ideas?

    Underneath it all, it's just forms of Marxist critique to them -- that's their Koran for the true faith of Communism.

    Got guns? Lots of guns?

    You probably need more guns.

    Ammo? Oh, yes, you need lots of ammo.

    I'd turn you on to a guy in South Dakota for that except he sold all of my stuff off to a single very motivated buyer.

    Apparently his words to the dealer about having to send the BATFE a purchasing notification form for the volume being sold was that if people are serious about finding him, he can build a giant billboard on his property and put John Hancock's enlarged signature on it so it can be seen from space.

    I figure my old guns found a good home.

    Were you planning on eating popcorn through this?

    Do you have an armored popcorn carrier?

    You need an armored popcorn carrier. :-)

    Insanity is relative, chaos is absolute.

    Does this sound insane to you, or is it that the news of the impending chaos just hasn't reached you yet? :-)