Sunday, November 15, 2020

My rabbits ear is growing rabbit ears.

Lacy is going in for surgery this week to have ..... this .... removed. I have actually been dealing with it for most of the year. I never get normal stuff. It's really just a skin tag. Oddly enough. Apparently they can grow stalagmites. They called it something else. I forget.

In May I had my regular vet try to freeze it off. And nothing happened. By the time I needed to bring her back, everybody was in serious lockdown. All of a sudden you had to smuggle your pet into the back door of the clinic, and you can't come in. You think things are crazy in normal medical land, try needing something for your bunny. Vets obviously are ALL in the high risk category, so I get it. It takes a long time to become a vet. 

When my next appointment time had arrived they called to say they were out of freeze spray and didn't know when they were getting more.  Because supply chains broken.

A couple of months passed and this thing started to grow wings, and I tried to schedule it to be burned off, and I found out the bunny anesthesiologist had retired and they were sending me to their sister clinic in another city. 

If I had to go to someone I didn't know I might as well try a different vet in my city who has a special exotic ward. Which I am. But I'm fairly anxious. It's right by her ear vein. And I have never even put eyes on this doctor. Only a phone convo. I've been waiting for her surgery for a month.


  1. Hello She Said, if the vet cannot get it done, you can use dry ice to do it yourself. As the ear is thin, err on the side of caution and not freeze all the way through; just surface frostbite.

  2. I thought about doing that, but this thing started growing crazy. It's as long as a human finger is wide now. I think she might be growing bunny antlers.

    Well it was.... I'm gonna go pull her out in an hour or so.

    Thanks for your help Jeff. I was going to just buy some of that freeze spray my self. A bottle is 200 bucks!

  3. Bunny antlers? Like a jackalope?

    And... $200 for freeze spray? If Fry's is still there, get yerself a can of component cooler (or dust-off, and use the can upside-down). I've used that on skin tags. Requires considerable care, but it'll get local freezing done.

  4. Well..... kind of. There is an actual rabbit disease that causes bunnies to grow weird warts. It very rare. Here

    Yeah...200 bucks. But that might have been the pandemic price. It was two months ago. Glad to get the new ideas on freezing though because I'm a huge fan of freezing bumps when they are small. It's the advice I would give to all young people. Remove your bumps when they are small. They only get bigger.

  5. I hope it goes ok, I'd hate to be switching vets in the middle of this.