Thursday, January 05, 2023

Soon to be America.

China’s new Covid surge is crippling the world’s most important factories and biggest ports.

"Freight booking cancellations are increasing at the ports of Shanghai and Shenzhen as “factories cannot operate properly due to a lot of workers getting Covid.”

The article goes on to say - 

"Logistics managers are warning clients that because of the spike in infections, factories are unable to complete orders — even with U.S. manufacturing orders from China already down 40% due to an unrelenting demand collapse."

Oh... that's right - it will never get here and if it does it will be mild. Said in the most sarcastic way. 

If you haven't gotten all the things you need by now.... China is shut. You are getting the uncontrolled lockdown. The kind where people can't work because there is so much infection.

I tried to tell people the supply chain would collapse. No one cared.

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