Thursday, January 05, 2023

CES is going to be epic....

But not in the way people think. This show is the most ill advised, stupidest thing on earth. I don't say this because I'm jealous. I'm saying this because I'm going. Last year they would not let me in because I wasn't vaxed. I didn't care because almost everyone had pulled out anyway. I am not anti vax. My family just has heart stuff so I was afraid to take it.

Last night I turned to Mr S and said - We gonna get the New York strain and the China strain (which is causing white lung) to have a baby. Did you know you can have two versions at the same time? Thats how we get recombinants.

He says, well, I'm sure you can get a bunch of them at the same time if they are circulating. LIKE AT CES.

The funny thing is that CES helped make me the way I am. In a normal year it was a flu super spreader event. A few days after the show, twitter lights up like a Christmas tree with people saying the got the CES ick. Happened EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Made us all laugh honestly.

People new to the show are going to be in for a wild ride. I mean, it seems super smart to get people from all over the world including China to get together in one spot and trade their variants. Maskless. Yes. I said the evil words.

People are just too lazy to live right now I guess. I don't believe in God, so I have to make good choices here on earth. I'm going in a N99. 

Team vaxed and relaxed..... oh - I would not bet on that team. The virus mutates too quickly because people will not stop spreading it. A lot of people are going to fuck around and find out all the things they thought were wrong.


  1. Life is a risk, it just is, you can take precautions but there is no free lunch.
    I'm not arguing I'm just saying....

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for your support. Genuinely.

    What is happening in China "is not a risk" it is the closest thing to hell on earth. That people accept it is astonishing.