Thursday, January 19, 2023

YOU are the reset.

Last night I turned to Mr S. and said - my feed is absolutely on fire over Davos. He just chuckles and says "well... yeah".

So I asked him what his feed was saying, because I know they feel a different sort of way than my feed.

He says - Those socialist commies want us to eat bugs and own nothing!

I reply - Those socialist commies have everyone so distracted by that one comment, that people completely ignore they are protecting themselves to the hilt while telling everyone else SARS-COV-2 is over.

To get into the White House you need to take a PCR THAT day. The "elite" test ALL THE TIME, while convincing the general public that people who test are fringe crazies. I mean, ZeroHedge is  spitting out complete propaganda for those same elite hedge funds literally all the time. 

When I figure to how to sanitize things I will link some stuff up for you. I mean, I have some really hot takes in my comments from the early part of the pandemic.  I was telling people that SARS2, and the shot were causing clots, and one of my commenters actually tries to argue that the birth control pill gave you a higher risk of clots. If you wonder why my surliness has gotten worse... it's all the fighting I had to do with people. in year one and two. And everything I said turned out to be right.


  1. Do you see an end to this? Or is a test before you enter anywhere the answer?

  2. Sadly, no one on earth knows the answer to that. Covid has a viral persistence. In autopsies they find it in all sorts of places in the body. Including the brain. Before I stopped watching - the longest person recorded with Covid had it for 503 days.

    Like when my Aunt was in the hospital they tested her every single day.

    Testing is not the horror everyone makes it out to be. Having said that, they haven't updated the tests to capture the new strains well. PCR should be free. It is what you government uses. And frankly, the reason ~I~ started testing was because I saw the Jen Pasaki was testing several times a week. I'm like - we should be doing what they are doing! It's why every time their cases are "mild". Because they catch it early and get the very best medical care.