Wednesday, January 25, 2023

You've really gotten yourselves into a fine mess.

In September I wrote an article called, It was the plot twist no one expected.

"They thought they were clearing out the "dead wood", but are in fact just creating a new dead forest to burn. I couldn't talk about this months ago because I was a "fear monger". You haven't seen fear mongering yet. And they wouldn't listen to anyone.

I also wrote an article saying that Powell was fighting inflation he could do nothing about. This inflation is mostly due to worker shortages. And honestly for weeks, governments around the world have been sounding the alarm about the disability wave. To exactly no fucks. 

I tried to tell people there were things worse than dying with SARS2. But no - if you - didn't die it was fine. Now you are gonna get to see how fine things are. Everyone was careless with other peoples health.

You know what bothers me so much? When did we abandon making other people feel comfortable?

Mr S. and I were up in Oregon last summer in a tiny town near the beach.  We decided to have lunch in a very packed restaurant. They had all the doors open. So they had good airflow. Mr S. and I were the ONLY ones masked. At that point only light surgical because people were less crazy back then.

The server came up to us and asked if we would feel more comfortable if she put on a mask. And it was the literal kindest thing I'd seen in the pandemic. We thanked her profusely and said no. I'm sure they felt their small town bubble was safe. Outsiders like me should try to not infect them. I will remember that girl forever. I will also remember the people who flooded these towns and said fuck you I'mma do what I want. When I look at these disability stats, I try to feel like maybe it's some of those assholes. It makes me not care as much.

We have lost about the amount of people of one San Jose in a few years. And I know that seems funny and cute. But.... we will see how funny and cute it becomes when inflation won't go down because the workforce is either dead or disabled.

This morning Fox news was saying that housing prices were going to fall 25%. 

When I was stuck in the housing crisis I eventually figured out that population increases would suck up all that inventory. but now we don't even have that. Bravo for everyone.

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