Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Some people don't know the meaning of the word public.

I think in a free society these types of art are okay. I do definitely notice them, and I start to bristle if I see too many of them. Which is saying a lot considering every other week Berkeley has a symposium on socialism. No seriously. Yelp it.

It is only scary when too many people start thinking this is okay.

It was also noticeable that this was one of two artists that didn't want me to take pictures. I am not going to read into it. However, I've noticed my tolerance on being told I can't take pictures has definitely shifted. I went from, screw you - your art isn't interesting enough for my readers.

Wow.. see how I went all elitist there for a second!

To - screw you, I can get this picture from 120 feet. I don't need your permission. I'm just tired of them wanting people to buy their crap, and then make it seem so exclusive you can't take pictures of it. They can bite me. If someone has laid eyes on it - it's probably copied already.

Still, if there was any art I wanted to know the meaning of - this was it. Tongue in cheek....... or?

As a side note - it would have been way more awesome if they were handing out frappuccinos right next to the exhibit. Mmmmmmm. Frappuccino. They placate the masses!

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