Tuesday, February 05, 2019

This is bullshit

Getting any appreciable snow that doesn't melt by the time the sun comes up only happens every five years or so. Getting that to land on a weekend....... nope.

It sucks because Tahoe is CAVED with snow right now. But it might take you 24 hours to get back. Seriously. The last few storms it really took people that long to get back to the Bay Area. One of these ridges I could get to in 30 minutes!

Hopefully now people will stop thinking that we broke the sky.


  1. There was an article just recently about how some scientists just got permission to study "add particles to the air to help deflect the sun's rays away from earth".

  2. MORE snow!

    oh yeah...
    here is a thing your hubby might like...



    Fritz from Sonora Ca
    P.S. Is home made snow ice cream right now...
    nom nom nom

  3. Ruth - uuuuuuh. That seems very reversible. Said in the most sarcastic way. I hope they add rainbow particles so there will be rainbows all the time. And unicorns.

    Fritz, he never clicks through links. Never.

  4. And now I'm going to make Mizz Speed Demon envious ...

    The place: the E4 north of Stockholm.

    The weather: heavy snow and ice, temperature of -22 C.

    The time: 5 AM during a typical winter day.

    The attitude: fuck everyone, I want to get to Arlanda Airport NOW.

    The scenery: dark, mostly abandoned except for rolling police units and snow ploughs that had not yet cleared the left lane.

    The equipment: a rented Citroen C3 with Nordic studded tires.

    And now those last bits ...

    The top speed: 164 km/h ... down the uncleared left lane, on snow and ice.

    The number of speeding tickets: zero, because the police couldn't be bothered.

    The condition of the vehicle upon return: pretty much the way they gave it to me, with some more miles on it and a lot less gas.

    But did I eventually get charged for something?

    Yes, but it was just the gas.


  5. HEY! You know it's my birthday right? That's not fair.

    Although I did make it from MountainView to SFO is 15 minutes once. But that was a LOOOOONg time ago. There is no way you could even get up to 100mph these days.