Wednesday, December 09, 2020

I think I'm really mad at Republicans.

I want to start by saying that I think Trump was robbed. I also think if it wasn't a close election they wouldn't have been able to manufacture the outcome.

I don't love everything he says, but I think MAGA people got over confident and kinda became assholes. I think the whole COVID denial thing turned off a lot of people who might have crossed the isle. 

Most importantly I think they lost sight of the true freedom they are losing. It is so infantile to complain about masks when Joe Biden is a puppet for China. He has been since I was a kid. Hilary and Joe sold military secrets to China every since I can remember! 

Anyone who doesn't think China is a threat - look at what going on with China v Australia! They are buying up islands and then baring Australians from living on them for fucks sakes. I will try to find the link. It was a few days ago.

Those countries have no backup now. They wouldn't have been snippy with China if it wasn't for Trump. The only way these countries gain a backbone is with American support.

I'm just pissed.


  1. It wasn't that close. That's why they had to stop the count in the middle of the night and manufacture hundreds of thousands of fake Biden ballots. And that's why they got caught.

  2. I guess I respectfully disagree. When I look at the election map it perfectly overlaps the "I'm moving to" wish list for Californians. I believe that formerly conservative strongholds are now purple. If not outright Liberal.

    I don't really know the demo for the East Coast so I'm saying outright that this is speculation, but I assume the same thing for that side of the country. It looks like the New Yorkers spread out and even Wisconsin went Biden.

    I think people believed he had a bigger cushion than he actually had. Myself included. And they started dunking the ball.

    To be sure I love the hell out of air horns. But I'm a bit of a tard. I literally didn't know so many airhorns existed. Which I found hilarious. But when you roll through a city with that many trucks making it so people can't eat or talk to each other, you've sort of become what we claimed we hated.

    I voted for Trump because he fought back. But now they are coming for us. Everything he did they are going to do to us in spades.

    And this virus is a hoax was never going to be true, so I don't understand why he just didn't get out in front of that and chop it off at the legs. We all could have voted in person.

  3. I want to make clear that I believe there is tons of voter fraud, but in addition to that - the above.