Wednesday, December 09, 2020

My Aunt has been in the hospital almost the entire pandemic. She went in around April. I never thought she would make it out as the floors filled up with Covid patients. They saved her and she was scheduled to be released. 

But......she came into contact with someone who was infected - BECAUSE SHE'S IN A HOSPITAL,  and now she is doing her best impression of that guy who lived in an airport for a while. She is in quarantine in the hospital. Bet you didn't know that could happen. Me neither.

She's scheduled to be released around Christmas if she doesn't get re-quarantined. And hopefully some asshole won't kill her after she gets out.

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  1. I just saw this ...

    "She is in quarantine in the hospital."

    Fun fact: you can be quarantined for MRSA in an American hospital while showing adverse reactions to the antibiotic that's used to treat MRSA.

    Not that you have MRSA at all, just that the MRSA antibiotic gives you the explosive shits, and that's one of the symptoms for having MRSA.

    File under: things I don't miss about America, medical malpractice folder; Doctor Daneeka, presiding MD. :-)