Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Yeah, COVID again I guess.

As COVID-19 explodes, was California too strict for its own good?

I am really getting tired of this shit. To preface - I have never been in favor of the lockdowns. I can dredge up old posts from way back in March if needed. I have ALWAYS said they don't work. They make people want to flee. It's human nature! Which obviously is the opposite of what you want.

Having said that - this is complete garbage. And I know this because the WHOLE fucking summer we gleefully locked down because the sky was filled with smoke so thick you had ONE MILE visibility. No one wanted to be out in that. As proof, you can see I was blogging about this Oct 1. This is roughly where the first arrow is above.

I ate inside of a restaurant the weekend after Nov 11 for my anniversary. We knew it was going to shut down soon. So, INDOOR dining stopped somewhere around the middle of November. Roughly around where the second arrow is. The amount of people in there was ~right~ at the line I felt comfortable. I had eaten inside a couple of times by that point, but inside dining had been going on for around a month. All of these stories about California being too strict are just ignoring the reality and filling a narrative.

I just wish that people who have NOT been out in the economy would shut the fuck up. I am not in favor of the lockdowns, but the truth of the matter is - if you keep letting us come - we will. And that is what is causing the spread. Sick of this shit.


  1. Well, its hard to say. More and more data I'm seeing is saying that the biggest driver of cases is social gatherings. Which could well be happening at restaurants, but here at least they don't seem to be tracking back to dining establishments (and let me tell you thats seriously pissing off people, cause they keep shutting down dining....).

    I'm also of the opinion that the more you try to shut people in, and take away their chance at dining out with friends occasionally, the more they're going to gather in each other's homes, and they're FAR less likely to take precautions there. SO I really don't think this is going to work like they want it to.

  2. I no longer give a toss about "cases" and "numbers of cases" because this is obviously a numbers game being played by power-hungry pedants.

    I also now no longer give a toss about actual deaths because this has been completely overblown.

    The survival rate of this is pretty good when comparing it to a fairly nasty seasonal cold of a type seen occasionally over the past few decades.

    Because I sense that this is the unpalatable version of the consensus that many people have adopted in private, and that speaking this in public gets you named A Very Bad Person, you see people acting in accordance with this mode of thought without actually saying any of this.

    Also, how 'bout that Pfizer mRNA rewrite-o-matic virus hunter?

    Kills young nurses dead: Shot and chaser.

    Kinda ballsy to murder a young nurse on live television, but these are sick people.

    The Russian version doesn't use this type of technology, if you can call it that, BTW.

  3. Yeah - as long as I keep seeing stories like this, you are going to have to suck it up.
    Locked-down California runs out of reasons for surprising surge
    This makes people think that we have been locked down hard the whole time and that is a lie. I know people in real life that didn't know we had indoor dining for at least a month. ~Lots of them.~ So people outside of the State surely don't know. All of these articles are misleading and WRONG.

    This is NOT a surprising surge. And masks are NOT ineffective.