Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Californians are so damn crazy. They have never found a tax they wouldn't votes yes on. And worst still - they vote down ways that make it hard for the government to spend money.


  1. Just think when you can only have 55 gallons of water a day.
    So much for my garden and watering the grass....
    or a shower in the morning and a bath at night...laundry, dishwashing.
    Jerry Brown is an idiot. Instead of infrastructure improvements his answer is to penalize people for govt stupidity.
    I wonder how farmers will be affected (what laws and regs.
    Hmm...I wonder if all the illegals were kicked out,,,what that would do to water usage?

  2. He doesn't give two shits about farmers. And neither do the people who live here. If they wanted to do something logical they'd have people swap out their fine spray sprinklers. That way when they water during the windy days the water wouldn't all blow away. Democrats are all about restricting use, then when they can't make any money - they jack your prices up even more. And because Californians are so crazy - they think that is a good idea.

    That's why I supported lowering the property tax deduction. Because they just use that as their slush fund. My city is trying to make me pay for a theater that loses money. But they are going to try and cram in a property tax adjustment for it. And I bet it passes... because it's art.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, June 14, 2018 8:14:00 PM

    There was an interesting story about the reasons behind the ever-present water problems of The People's Republic of California ...

    "A Journey Through Oligarch Valley" is the title, and it's by one of the people behind the often insane former Russian newspaper "The Exile".

    What makes it even more fun to read is following the text with Google Maps as your guide, especially when you realize that some of the people and companies mentioned have actually built stuff just to thumb their nose at the book. :-)

  4. California's water problem is no big mystery. They flush most of it down the river due to earthquake requirements. So they feel they need to ration to the nth degree. Instead of lowering the price of water in the months when they need to lower the reservoirs and let people water to their hearts content. Sort of like surge pricing. They force you to use less water and then find out they can't meet their payrolls. Californians sometimes have so little imagination. They could make money by not punishing you - but what would the fun in that be?

  5. She said,

    And the only people that go to said theatre are the ones who make people who DON'T go pay for it.
    Yeah. Sickening.

    How about putting money into engineering and the sciences? At the least teach the F*cking kids math. The kids today couldn't do math if their life depended upon it...and it DOES (career wise)