Friday, June 22, 2018

You said you wanted your freedom. Who am I to judge you now?

"Of course it should come as no surprise to anybody who’s been paying attention that the engineered "recovery" of the last 10 years will ultimately be doing more harm than good in the years to come. A whole new set of bubbles has popped up, debt levels across the board are at or exceeding levels they were at in 2008 and once again, it is almost time to pay the piper. Except the piper will not be paid by baby boomers and older generations this time, but rather by millennials who were unable to take advantage of the recent economic expansion - but yet will have to deal with its after effects in coming years. This already comes on top of a slew of problems that millennials will have to deal with because of their age. The first of which is the fact that the Social 

Security program will be insolvent in less than two decades and that any solutions to fix this program will likely result in higher taxes and less benefits paid. Despite this, millennials have been paying into this program." Source.

Oh... this GenXer is judging the shit out of millinials. I think you can just go pound sand. As the only demo that actually effing worked during the recession - you can kiss my ass. The amount of torture we put up with when you were telling us that owning a house was a suckers game. All the while you guys were on permanent staycations. You can just eat a bag of dicks.

GenX actually had to work to prop up baby boomers and millinials, so I'm tired of your effing complaining. WE TOLD YOU LIFE WOULD BE WORSE THAN PREVIOUS GENERATIONS.

You said.. no - living in an apparent is cool man. All we want is free health care. So you guys can just go fuck off.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, June 22, 2018 5:22:00 PM

    "... this GenXer is judging the shit out of millennials ..."

    I am essentially a late Boomer but I've always identified with Gen X.

    That might not make sense until you've read some of my other comments about my family -- my early Boomer and late "Greatest Generation" siblings were some of the biggest reasons I worked to get away from my family.

    I've obviously judged the shit out of them, and I'm definitely judging the shit out of the Millennials.

    What I am seeing is that anyone born between 1965 and 1980 is going to get massively screwed by the incompetence sandwich that is the early Boomers and the Millennials when we start getting closer to "retirement age".

    But the only thing I saw that was greatest about the "Greatest Generation" was that they figured out how to play the game so they could shift the costs of their lifestyle onto future generations, i.e., mostly us.

    So although I am essentially semi-retired, I'm already seeing that I can't fully retire here because of several things, the worst of which is that my personal liability is essentially uncapped, meaning that no matter how hard I try to work to have everything I need for the rest of my life, someone or something can clean me out completely even if I'm very careful about structuring things.

    But the Millennials will want El Socialismo 3.0, and they will give it to themselves good and hard ... along with anyone else who's stuck with them for the ride.


  2. Some days I think I will completely flip out about them. GenXer's were born in a recession. We had to raise ourselves because our families were broken. And now these two demos are shifting all the costs onto us and making us take care of them, and I just can't believe that GenXer's aren't losing our minds over this. We constantly get the shaft. But we are the original disaffected generation. So I guess we just suck it up and carry on. But some day I might freak out. I'm just letting you all know. Eff them and they whiney ass attitudes. And then, according to history we really don't exist. We are like unicorns.