Monday, June 25, 2018

I bet all of these people complaining about Trump going after Chinese companies investing in the US are the same ones who were bitching that Chinese companies snapping up all the real estate during the recession..

All I know is Softbank owns an alarming amount of Silicon Valley right now.


  1. We should have hunkered down and stopped letting the world beat us senseless with tariffs. It would have hurt us for a while but we would have gotten all our industry back by now....but NO! We have to make it hurt more.
    We need to suck it up and be austere for a put us back where we belong: Undisputed masters of economic and military power.

    If the liberals don't like that..then screw them. Move to a has been country like France

  2. That's the thing - I'm a capitalist true and true. But we let things go too far. Things wouldn't hurt so bad if they built more of it here. But Silicon Valley has basically given them everything in the name of cheap labor. For a while any new start up that had to make some physical item was forced to build in China. Silicon Valley would not give them money otherwise.

    But my experience is that people refuse to endure any pain. So I bet this gets ugly. That's why these few people keep failing up. A few people can endure a ~lot~ of pain and ....... I want to say survive - but this is a very dysfunctional survival.

  3. 亡命者のCapital of TexasMonday, June 25, 2018 9:36:00 PM

    ちょっとまって ...


    (and it's funnier if you get to translate this) :-)

  4. If the market were to go south though..... they are really going to feel it.

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  7. I raise you one.

  8. Hahahah. Nicely played. I've never been much of a fan of Styx. :) But I"m sure you had to try.

  9. Never been a fan of Styx?!!! I bet you don't like Queen either. You're one of those Abba fans aren't you?

  10. LOL. Stone her!

    No. I LOVE Queen. What kind of a person do you think I am?

  11. One of brian May's best solo's of all time.

  12. That song would make good music for a car commercial:)