Thursday, August 16, 2018

Uh - oh. It's looks like car dealerships are going full Fargo.

Texas Auto Dealer Goes Belly Up After Ford Sues It Over $41 Million in Defaulted Loans.

When this story popped up a few weeks ago I thought it was sorta funny because it was right out of the movie Fargo. Then this one popped up.

Phoenix car dealership indicted.

This dealership was delaying reporting car sales, so they didn't have to pay the sales tax. At this point I found this interesting. But two is not a trend.

Auction cancelled, new dealership to open.

I'm not exactly sure what happened here, but it looks like someone seized the assets and found a buyer before the place completely shut down and assets sent to auction.

Ohio AG files suit against Niles used car dealers.

This one was failing to deliver titles.

Four stories this close together is starting to be something to pay attention to. Because I think dealerships are holding a TON of inventory and interest rates going up so much doesn't help. I've felt for a while that a bunch of these guys are going to go bankrupt.

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