Monday, August 06, 2018

The environmentalists are to blame for how bad California wild fires are.

In California we have a specific culture. People love trees and cutting them is tantamount to killing puppies. It's basically the law in California. Or might as well be.

It's so bad, it's almost a mental illness. It's like these people don't understand that trees grow back. It's also the reason we don't have regular controlled burns anymore. Because burning a tree is like burning a puppy. And every time you do a controlled burn these days you have to get an environmental review. So you know how often that crap is happening.

I have lost a home to fire, so when summer gets here - I sort of get freaked. I'm constantly on my neighbors to keep their trees trimmed and it sucks kinda. I had one neighbor tell me that they thought their overgrown trees were part of living in a mature neighborhood. Mind you - I want a defensible space. But no one seems to get the connection. They act as if their trees are delicate orchids.  And that is exactly why all of our fires recently have been so bad.

People probably forget, but the Cal Berkeley campus wanted to do some improvements way back in 2006 that made it so they had to cut down a few trees resulting in environmentalists occupying those trees for like two years. Even though the school promised to plant three trees for every one it cut down,  this stupid protest went on forever. They were called the Berkeley tree sitters and it was a huge deal for a while. It held up the project. The environmentalists forced the city to go to court to evict them from the effing trees. It cost them a ton of money.  They were up  there with poop buckets that's how crazy Californians are about their trees. I think it even devolved into monkey like shit throwing contest towards the end.  Here is a youtube video from the time.

And if you are wondering why our fires are so bad, you can stop blaming global warming. It's because any time you want to maintain the forests these idiots pull in there and start tree sitting so eventually the State just kinda gives up because these people cost them so much money to cut one effing TREE down. It's ridiculous! We even have tree die ins. It's a whole thing. Try to cut a large tree down anywhere and you can absolutely expect a large protest and to spend a lot of extra money. That's why our fires are so bad,


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, August 07, 2018 1:17:00 AM


    "... yeah, native to Australia and imported by Australians ... but did you know they can explode?"


    "... uh ... yeah ... I think there's a mayor of London who said something like that about terrorists."


  2. I have to admit that, having grown up and lived my entire life in an area with very little forest fire problems, the idea of trees near the house being an issue is a bit foreign, but I understand the concept at least. On the other hand, I don't need a permit to pull down a tree on my own property either!

  3. For the most part we don't have to pull permits depending on how tall the tree is. But I won't a buy a house with too many trees in common with neighbors. In California our thing is to plant a giant tree right in the border of your property. I mean... right at the fence line. And then you will forever be forced to nag those people because now you both now have a tree baby.

    I won't buy a house at all that has a pine tree next to it. Those things are matchsticks. Not as bad as Eucalptus... ;) But still. But we have all these beetle problems because the forests never get to burn. It's basically killing all the pine trees anyway.

    There are some places however where I don't think you can cut a tree at all without a permit. Like Tahoe. It sorta depends on the city and the level of crazy. A city with a bunch of old people? lotsa crazy.

  4. Oh wow. Good to know. I can't even believe those tiny trees are so flammable. Their bark is pretty interesting though.