Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I hope it burns like the surface of the sun.

Californians are mighty upset right now. So upset, that I guess I reverted to the other team today. It's something I have done, but don't do often. It's a defense mechanism. 

Today I was asking a guy I've know forever how he was feeling about the world. I like to do this when the world becomes a little sketch,  and see what comes back. That way I don't influence a conversational direction.

Immediately he snaps back - you know that girl who got killed.? I was like - yeeeeaaah. Because I wasn't expecting that. He's like - that guy wasn't an illegal. He worked for a Republican on a farm.

Very taken aback I was like - really? When did that come out?

Because honestly the internet haddn't told me what to think in a couple of hours. I hadn't checked twitter in a while. I don't even know if it's true right this moment. 

He's like - I was just reading news. That's pretty fucked up. Trump needs to shut his pie hole.

I'm like yeah - pretty fucked up. But it's super fucked up what happened to that girl.

However, my internal monolog was - OH you m-effers are paying attention to the news now? 

I honestly care so little about this subject. People have been fighting about it my whole life. When I was a kid it was an outrage to even force kids to learn English. The stories I could tell during the housing boom. Pretty much every construction project had an illegal on it.

Having said that - if these Democrats really wanted to help the illegals........ they could just marry one like the old days. I mean, being a girl I have a really different perspective on this. Hell the very first computer company I worked at I was offered a heafty sum at the time to Mary. I've known a few girls who brought guys in that way.

Mostly I just feel like letting people live in the shadows means they will never be anything more than poor and taken advantage of.

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  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, August 23, 2018 8:48:00 PM

    "I was just reading news ..."


    (there may or may not be a film at eleven, but there will be a quiz tomorrow) :-)