Monday, August 27, 2018

Hyundai Genesis EV Concept.

I think this car gave me the best experience overall. I'm still carrying my L16 camera and I could feel these two guys stalking me with their eyes. Because it is an odd sort of camera. You could see they were curious about it. That sort of comes with the territory right now, because I've yet to see anyone else carrying one. I'd be curious too.  So I gave them the L16 tour.

I took a few shots and then I came back around because about half the time they will let you on the field to take inside shots. It was then those two guys asked me if I liked the car. Which I did. It has very clean lines. They were like - we designed this car. At first I didn't believe hem because they looked to be in their early 30's, and a lot of the other designers are way older. In their 60's. But they convinced me enough, and that's just cool because they were kinda there incognito listening to what people said about the car.

In the last shot - that guy in yellow with the hodie and baseball cap was one of them.

But what do you say to a car designer? So I asked them about the hood of the car being transparent. It's hard to see in the photo. The EV's don't have motors, so I guess making the hood transparent is interesting. I just liked that the roof transitioned into the transparent hood so seamlessly.


  1. I TOLD YOU :-)

    So ... what do you say to the car's designer?

    "Where did you hide the mandatory passenger-side air bags? Are they behind that big-assed piece of plastic moulding on the console so the passenger will get bitch-slapped by it during an accident?"

    Keep in mind that if my passenger is instrumental to causing an accident, I may actually want my passenger to get bitch-slapped by that plastic moulding. I'm only asking the question for valuable intel. :-)

    Also, as much as I love the DB9, I might like the DB5 retro because of its lack of computers: no computers to rat on me as I'm going "too fast", no computers to gain valuable intel about how I hard accelerate and hard shift "too often", and no other bullshit to hand over to the insurance companies so they can torque my insurance rates even further.

    But because the DB5 retro is going to be A Super-Priced Not-So-Supercar, I'll stick with the Caterham -- even a 620R wouldn't put me back quite as much as the DB5 retro, and it'll probably be ridiculously pricey to insure. (Also, like Rowan Atkinson with his McLaren, I'm likely to use it for everyday errands.)

    Apparently the Tesla 3 also costs an Imperial Shit-Tonne to insure: "The Truth About Cars" blog bit on Tesla 3 insurance.

    When I moved to Sweden for a while, I got rid of my US vehicles and insurance, and so when I moved back to the US I got royally screwed on my insurance. I also got royally screwed on my credit rating as well despite having US investment and bank accounts, and so I wound up buying a "fine German road machine" with cash despite the fact that I was earning higher rates in my investment accounts than the dealer's loan agreement would have charged me.

    And so when I called up my insurance agent, the one who had already insured me with a rather pricey non-owner policy so I could rent vehicles more readily, she told me that it would cost me almost $5k/year just to insure what I was in the process of buying, but that the insurance would go down after a year of US driving. (It's now down to a little under $4k/year for a similar vehicle.)

    Apparently the insurance price damage from that moving away won't go away for a full ten years despite having a blemish-free driving record in Sweden.

    I have proof of insurance certificates from there that are totally disregarded, and I have a letter from the police that says I never got into any accidents there, all of which I had apostilled and translated into English. That didn't matter one bit.

    So what else do I have to ask the car designers?

    "... what small fortune is it going to take to insure one of these Hyundai marvel wagons?"

    Because my insurance rate might actually go down if I bought something slightly more responsible such as a Porsche Cayenne ...

  2. Yeah... I read that. Insuring some of them is as expensive as insuring an Audi R8. If it costs me that much I might as well own an R8.

    Why are they hitting you so hard? Inactivity?

  3. If you allow a gap in your US insurance coverage, when you start it over again, you're paying like you're a teenager again ...

    Combine that with vehicle tier and it's really brutal, but that's just for starters.

    They actually figure in your credit rating as well, and so if that gets tanked because of inactivity in paying certain bills on time (such as electric, water, rent or mortgage, etc.) because you've gone dark in the US, then the credit bureaus and banks really hate you and pass on the hate in the form of a crap credit rating for a while.

  4. Wow. You guys really get the shaft on insurance.