Thursday, August 23, 2018

Now I've heard everything.

How Elon Musk Could Get Away With It.

This morning Zero Hedge is trying to convince us that the SEC might not do anything to Elon because the San Fransisco SEC office is overworked and dum dum dummies. They allow fraud all the time without consequences.

Which I find a breathtaking. Fraud happens all the time in Silicon Valley. Stock manipulation is a whole new beast that most of Silicon Valley is smart enough to avoid. It just isn't heard of.

I think the likeliness of the SEC not doing anything is as good as saying the IRS wouldn't do anything.

I also think it's really telling about the potential health of Tesla that everything has gone silent. Because I have never seen the government not get their pound of flesh. They live off of hefty fines. The idea they have to walk this fine line as to not put put this company out of business is kinda staggering.

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