Wednesday, August 08, 2018

How Bixby torched the entire line of Samsung products for me.

I was two days away from purchasing a Samsung washer and dryer. And then I'd discovered that Bixby had been forced on me in my phone camera. Meaning when I have my camera up "Bixby Vision" is also up. Which is the hugest invasion of privacy. I don't want Bixby looking at my photos! I know it's on my phone but I can usually just ignore it, but there is no way to ignore the Bixby Vision.

So I tried to uninstall it with an app which didn't work. Then that app wouldn't let me deinstall it for a while and I thought I was going to have to factory reset my phone because the app had control over my camera.

And just like that..... Samsung killed any new purchases from me. I'm just tired of Samsung thinking it still owns my devices after I've brought them home. There is absolutely no reason I can't disable this feature. And I'm just sick of it.


  1. I bought a Galaxy s8 and I'm sorry. The usb-c is a pain in the butt, it has to be "just right" and Bixby... I wrote & asked how to get rid of it, they said it was there to stay.
    I have it turned off, everything that says Bixby that I can find. That does alright as long as I don't hit that button on the side.

    To be honest it takes great pictures and I am a fan of recharging is off a pad. Putting it on the pad at night beats trying to get that USB in "just right".

  2. Oh yeah. So next time you bring up your camera - off to the lower right - it will say Bixby vision in red letters. And bonus - you will get some stickers that you can't remove. If they haven't pushed it through to your phone yet, they will. Of course, you can always disable Bixby by activating and logging into Bixby. But I don't want them to know I exist so why am I going to log into that crap?

    The thing is - I don't even really use my camera phone. I'm always carrying two other better cameras. But I'm really fed up with everyone needing access to my photos. And I don't have anything to hide but get the eff off me.

    The funny thing is Mr S. was having real indigestion about this purchase because of Samsungs rapey behavior. But all it took was the possibility that I needed to factory reset my phone after trying to remove this non feature for me to completely reverse face. It makes you mad in a deep way.

  3. That crap in on the camera face but I've managed to not touch it yet.

  4. No Bixby on mine, but A: its not a Samsung, and B: its a couple years old model. But good to know about for whenever I go shopping for a new one!

  5. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, August 09, 2018 9:14:00 PM

    I bought a Lenovo phone because of how my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 sucks ...

    It's their flagship model of their tablets (or was), and it sucks.

    I'm pretty sure I still can't install a custom ROM on it, and I'm stuck with Marshmallow on it because they haven't released a ROM update for it that lets me continue to use root mode apps.

    The camera sucks, the camera app sucks, and they built a tablet with a camera that has no flash ... and this is the flagship model of their tablet.

    Samsung also did the bozo thing with "adoptable storage", but since this is the Marshmallow version, it's even more bozo. I use Apps2SD to move some of the data files out of the way, at least the ones that the apps let me move away. (Google Books isn't one of those apps, and so now I just break DRM on the books so I can save them to the SD card.)

    Before the Lenovo phone, I had a Motorola phone from the period that Google still owned them, and it sucked until I did a bunch of stuff to it. After using ADB mode to unlock the bootloader, which is standard for Moto/Lenovo stuff, I got to enjoy the phone telling me how I've just voided the warranty during every reboot until I found where the bastards hid the screens for the boot process.

    The newer Lenovo has an irritating boot sequence with sound, but fortunately you can turn off the sound.

    I want to find where the boot sequence files are stored and replace them with something from Squidbillies.

    It'd be a lot more fun to boot the phone with it saying, "DON'T TOUCH THE TRIM!" :-)