Monday, August 27, 2018

Mercedes Silver Arrow EV Concept.

This was one of the most beautiful concept cars I've ever seen. You almost got video out of me showing the cockpit opening. But ultimately it would have been a vine video because it took less than 7 seconds for it to go up and down. Which was amazing. But I'm not signing up for Vine. At one point they made me want to punch the sky because every site had at least seven vine videos making those sites unreadable. And I refuse to sign up there.

Pebble Beach - I feel like if you see any good shots out of there it is in spite of the cars. They sort of rope them off so it's almost impossible to make the cars look as good in pictures as they look in real life.

I might add a couple more shots of the back. But I've got battery issues right now which I'm sure will result in a rant post sooner or later.

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