Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Now for the future.

The is the Byton M-Byte EV.

It's sort of pretty on the inside. And I can't believe how much the tard in me loved charging docks in the door arms. Free us from the cable!

Cell Phone dock.

I find it sort of fun to hunt down the sensors right now. This is in the column between the doors.

This one is in between the front door and the quarter panel.

Above the window. Though it's hard to see.


  1. And it's supposed to be only 45 grand for this ...

  2. Actually. What we need is solar cell paint. Why not paint cars with it and have it recharge batteries...etc? You want a hybrid car? Have one that's not dependent on the grid.
    That would be wrong though. (snark)



  3. I'm guessing it doesn't produce enough constant energy. There have been tons of cars with solar roofs. And Stanford drives an odd solar car. Solar ~will~ charge a car....but it has to be a very light weight car.

  4. You want to see a nice interior?


    I always loved the interior of the 'Cuda

  5. I miss the headlight button on the floor.
    Guess it made too much sense.