Thursday, August 23, 2018

Watch until the very end.


  1. Groucho and Harpo in Duck Soup.
    that's a great clip.

    came here and found you're already on that fire in Fremont.

  2. OMG Stranger! I haven't seen you in a million years. Welcome back. Good to see you. How ya doing?

  3. Ha ha! You remember me? Thanks.
    I've got most of my favorite sites on a web page that comes up as my home page on my 'home' machine. (I dislike bookmarks or favorites, because sites keep moving down the line and after a couple of months they're hundreds of links long.)

    Anyway, several years ago my home machine crashed and I lost my home page. Yeah, it was backed up but ha ha ha on that.

    I was recently looking through some old CD backups (Ignore what i just said) and found the 'homepage.htm' file! And out of the 30 sites I had links to, about 12 were either gone or only posted maybe once a month, 8 or 10 were not what they had been (or _I_ had changed) and there were about 5 interesting enough to keep: You, Ace of Spades, Instapundit, Lileks, and I own the world (Their new site. The old one has some wierd squatters on it.)

    So it is I. as wordy as ever.

  4. Of course! I'd never seen the word Palouse. So I had to look it up. So your Nym kinda stands out.

    Things are basically the same around here. Tech is in the shitter, but that should open up soon.

    Welcome back.