Wednesday, August 08, 2018

My thoughts on Tesla.

I've never seen a company go private, do better than they did as a public company.


  1. slightly off topic, but I saw this today and was reminded of an earlier post of yours:

  2. I'd love to see people's photos after waiting 8 hours at the DMV which I guess is the norm now. Mine was definitly "this is what you look like after being at the DMV for 6 hours". And when they said you could pay to have it redone I was super happy. But not until the DMV gets their shit under control. There is some levels of hell I don't want to put up with any time soon. That is one of them.

    Some of it is their fault, some of it is people don't read their notices and turn up with the wrong documentation. When I was there, a guy was on his third attempt. They could just add people to the phones so they could stop some of them turning up with wrong docs.

    That whole thing is an epic fail right now though. Thanks for the article.