Friday, August 24, 2018

CES foretold our crappy product year.

I think January's CES was probably the worst one I've been to. The crazy rain in Vegas was more interesting than CES.

But, I'd forgotten about all of that until this product was released a couple of days ago. It's the first thing from CES that's I've seen hit the shelves. In a normal year you can see products start trickling out in Spring.

I wasn't crazy about seeing it at CES either. I don't know why they continue with this product line.  I just still don't see a market for it. And I'm bored honestly.

Queue the hysteria about robots coming to take your dogs job!


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, August 24, 2018 4:13:00 PM

    何を ...?

    I thought Sony had discontinued the Aibo robot dogs, and so had everyone else, which makes this interesting ...

    There was a small company that took over repair service for the previous generation of Aibo robot dogs, but I think they finally had to close down operations since it was really one guy taking care of all of the repairs using donated spare parts.

    But Japan being Japan, there are Buddhist funeral services for Aibo robot dogs.

    それはどれくらい素晴らしいですか? :-)