Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The US was committing suicide....

And  everyone was patting themselves on the back. They all wanted to burn it down. Now you get your wish.

There were zero fiscal conservatives during the pandemic.  I was the only one saying Trump was printing an obscene amount of money. Which probably labeled me as anti Trump. Everyone else was like -no... this is our new normal. 

I was yelling into the wind - it's not normal for housing prices to go up 20-40% in a pandemic. This was not caused by anything other than money printing. Nothing new was created during the pandemic, an obvi there were no production increases. People went out with that free PPP money and bought cars and houses and fixed up their places.

I want to say this is well played by Trump. Biden will get all the blame, and I'm fine with that. But people have been living a complete illusion for three years. Now....... everyone will pay.

And China can't save us this time. I still think they might collapse. Europe is having a few problems of their own. And the US is completely clueless again. They are in "back to normal vibes" and they don't even realize there is nothing but air under their feet.

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