Thursday, May 26, 2011

Arm chair Met day.

After the rain we got yesterday, I suspect things in the Midwest are going to get shitty in about 3-4 days. We had confirmed tornadoes in Chico Ca. yesterday. That is how unstable the air is even before it leaves California.

A couple of days ago I asked Mr S. if he thought the first Icelandic volcano was the reason California had been so exceptionally cold this year. We've only gotten a couple of days here that were warmer than 70's. Which makes growing crops pretty shitty actually. Tomato's need heat.

Him - Wasn't the first eruption just at the beginning of this year? I don't think it would have thrown up that much particulate matter.

I was staunchly unconvinced. I've always taken it as gospel that a volcano caused the Great Potato Famine. "The year without summer".

Which is why I never get concerned about Global Warming. For anything that we "allegedly" do to heat the earth, a big enough volcano will just swing through eventually - throw up some particulate matter and cool things down. At least, that is what history teaches me.

Then yesterday I hear Joe Bastardi talk about a huge temperature decrease in the mid level troposphere that occurred last year. The largest drop they'd ever seen, he said. I had to find out when that occurred and when the first volcano happened. Which was quite interesting actually. The first article I run across has this headline:

Iceland volcano eruption unlikely to slow global warming.
"Large volcanic eruptions cool Earth's climate, but the Icelandic volcano is too small to have much impact."

Still, all the charts showing the temperature drops look like this.


The Eyjafjallajoekull glacier began to erupt March 21, 2010. And it looks like the sea temperatures started reacting almost immediately as you can see.

It could be a funny coincidence. But that new eruption sent up four time the particulates the last one did. So we might all freeze to death too.


  1. Oh, please don't tell me you are sending more rain this way. On Tuesday alone we had 3 1/2 inches drop in like 12 hours, not counting the weeks and weeks of rain preceding that. Boo flooding.

  2. We get two more chances for rain this week, and I think one chance next week. Sorry.

    I hope no one is expected corn this year. Between the Midwest flooding and the ridiculously low temps for this time of year. Things are going to be slim.

    Pacific water vapor loop here.

    Midsection here..

    You've basically got a fire hose pointed at you. And, as a side note with how wet the atmosphere is, it has been pushing out all the dry slots that tame down hurricanes. They have to moisten the dry air - which tends to use up some of their food source.

    Dry slots are orange.