Sunday, May 15, 2011

When tv's became more complicated than computers to set up.

Getting a TV these days is a life altering event. Not because you love all the fancy new stuff your TV can do. Because, setting it up is life consuming. Scrub half your weekend. It's going to take that long to set up.

You will have to run new cables through the wall. Which is a project I love. That will eat up half your day. If you are lucky enough to have all the cables you'll need. Plan accordingly.

I mean, TV's have a half a trillion inputs now. Yes. Half a trillion. Google it.

This is the cable cluster for the new television. Way more cables than go to our computers.

And you always... always, lose a cable box when you swap out your electronics. The great thing about stuff that is designed to stay on all the time - well, being turned off is like dying. Or actually like dying, because they always seem to die.

Oh. This is the fantastic part. You find out that you can't run the 3D feature on your television because you have cable cards and need a new "black box". So - no 3D channels. Thank goodness I'm only in it for the 3D games.

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