Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cut the cord already!

I've been scrounging my Maker Faire pictures this morning to push out anything that might be interesting. It was super crowded. I was going to go on Sunday, but I thought there would be some funny end of the world action. So I went on Sat. No one cared about the end of the world. So that just left me with my bitchiness of how many people there were.

This brings me to a possible new series.

Okay - this is the thing - these isles are probably 12 feet. And the place is jam packed. Yet you have all these people with strollers. Some were double wides. This one was small in comparison. But these kids are old! If kids are boob high - they can walk on their own!

See how she shut down one side of traffic?

Yet I see it all the time, older and older kids.... not walking. And then I hear all this bitching about childhood obesity. Obviously these kids are fine. But still, maybe the two things are connected?

Why in my day..... once you started eating red meat - you learned to walk. Everywhere.


  1. Reading this post reminded me of the really fat people in Wall-E.

    Or future Wal-Mart shoppers.

  2. You have to give me the link to those wall-e posts. It sounds like a riot.

    What is worse? And I don't have a problem with really heavy people. Still... stack two of them side by side, and you have to really go completely diversionary to get around them.

  3. They bill this thing as a family event.

    They could at least have a stroller valet. You pay a buck to park it. I know valet sounds snooty, but the demo this year was valley techies and their families. These people can afford to park their strollers.

    I'd pay a buck and I don't even have children.

  4. she said, I meant the Pixar movie Wall-E. It's got a bunch of fat humans in it (in the second half, after Wall-E gets to the space ship Axiom). :) Oh, wait, you don't do SciFi... You should watch this one anyway. It's cute, and it has several interesting themes.

  5. Well, I do. Just not by choice. Usually. Some stuff I enjoy - but some stuff I'd rather be stung by bees... in the eye.

    But, I like you are already accepting my handicap.;) It's a hit and miss thing.