Thursday, May 26, 2011


I had Paisley in at the vet yesterday. Velveteen lops don't have enough hair on their feet to protect them. They are even worse than the Rex breed. Neither of these breeds have guard hairs. So they can get feet problems easily.

From time to time she jumps out of the litter box and busts her foot open. This time it looks to have gotten a little infected. So, I took her in. They flushed it out and gave her the "big" shot.

The great thing about vets these days - they don't want your pets to feel any pain. She was way more doped than I expected. But you have to keep them off the foot. When I got her in her carrier she completely passed out. Right there.


  1. I have to say: that's the cutest bunny face I've ever seen.

  2. Thanks. It's the pube whiskers... isn't it? Wait... that doesn't sound right. Her lack of real whiskers makes her muzzle stand out. Is all I'm sayin'.