Sunday, May 01, 2011


Man, there is no color my camera hates more than red. At any rate - I've pretty much never understood why guys keep trying to turn their crappy old cars into a Ferrari's. I mean - I do. But, it seems to me like there are easier ways to make that happen. Like - liquor. Not crappy half breed cars. Still, today we ran across this thing. A fairly convincing replica. Guess what is was! Guess.

Fake Ferrari's are the padded bra of the car world. Guys kept walking up and saying "awwwwww - it's not a Ferrari".


  1. Look at you! Good job.

    What gave it away?

  2. Oh yeah. I can see that now. I had to pull up a picture because I only remember the Fiero front ends from the late 80's. They were much more squat. In the older Fiero's I can totally see it.

    I was out at the interior. That center gear panel caught me before the non luxury carpeting.