Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prototypes. We love prototypes.

One of the most promising things I saw at ARE2011 was Augmented Safety Devices. This one is from Tanagram Partners. Which was almost a fluke because this is a software show. Joseph Juhnke showed the mask for a couple seconds on stage. It wasn't lit up. So, the audience didn't seem to give it much attention.

At the end of his talk - I couldn't run to the stage fast enough to find out more about this heads up display mask. I was so excited - I wanted to push a fan boy out of the way so I could talk to this guy. Fan boy wanted to talk about fan boy stuff. All I wanted to talk about was this mask.

When Joseph turned the mask on I was even more captivated. The red light is displaying heat levels, and the blue light is displaying oxygen levels inside the mask. I imagine when it gets to the development stage it should have way more helpful data to keep safety personnel alive.

This is the video I shot. I know most of you don't watch my videos, but you will get to hear my voice. So watch it.

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