Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bad ass. Except for that one.

Today I went to a snooty upscale mall for a car show. I mean.. really upscale. Where you don't know if the cars are show cars, or they actually belong to people in the mall. I passed by a Ferrari and a Bentley in the parking lot before I even got to the show area. Pictures at the end.

Aside from your standard fare was this Rossion. I know. I'd never heard of it before either. Apparently it's the successor to the Noble. Rossion acquired the rights to the Noble and came out with this design. Which I actually like better. The Noble has this giant wing that disrupts the whole look of the car. Now if they let me drive one, I might have a different opinion. For now though.. sans wing is better.

This color is slightly off. Top view was picking up the sky color, which was mostly white.

Still loving flat colors. Especially on this car. Looks like a fighter jet.

This is an Atom.

This car... I think sucks. I'm only posting it for Mr S.

Stuff just in the parking lot.

Same car. Different angle.

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