Friday, May 06, 2011

Mow goes under the knife this weekend.

We are now ten years into robotic mowers. Then.......nothing.

When I talked to the guys at the iRobot booth at CES, they seemed lawsuit shy about robotic mowers. So, most likely this technology will wither on the vine.

I've loved our robotic mowers for years. Well - the first few years. I mean, this was great technology 10 years ago. Now I want to beat it to death with a very large stick.

The way when you drive it to a lawn area, it takes you nine days. 90 Year olds' walk faster than you can drive this thing. Hulk smash!@

The way it's a tethered joystick to make it move.

Or the way it can never really find its way around. Five minutes once I watched it drive in a circle. Or the way it gets OCD about one area of the lawn. Completely neglecting the other parts.

How the bumpers cause it to dramatically change direction. Or how you have to hold down two buttons to manual mow. At this point I almost hate everything about it.

So this weekend.....we hack it. We can rebuild him. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.

Or we could completely fuck it up and burn it down.

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  1. Awesome, sounds like a fun project! And if it turns out well, you could share the hack on

    Hey, you could also create a Lady Gaga Bad Romance parody with you and Mr. S. lamenting the fact that you "got a bad robot."