Wednesday, May 04, 2011

"It came down to this: President Obama asked his advisers for a solid reason to release photographs of Osama bin Laden's dead body, according to sources close to the administration."

Daniel Perl. That is the reason.

9/11 obviously cut a deep scar though Americas psyche - but the constant stream of beheading videos after the attacks amplified that terror.

I watched the Daniel Perl video, and I was forever changed. I can't claim I was really affected by 9/11. I lost no one I love. I can't claim that pain.

Horrified, shocked, saddened. Those things - I can claim. But, to see them cut off a mans head. It takes much longer than you would think.

Those are the reasons I want to see the body. And no, it will never be as gruesome as we want it to be. Never.


  1. I decided long ago I would never voluntarily watch the Daniel Pearl video. As soon as I heard about the screaming, I knew I couldn't, not without being severely traumatized.

    But a picture of OBL with his brains blown out? Not a problem. And I'm glad he's fish food so no one can build a shrine at his tomb. I don't buy the whole idea that "releasing pictures will inspire more violence" idea. The Muslim extremists are already plotting the West's demise anyway. Their hatred knows no bounds.

  2. Mr S. doesn't watch that crap either, and I try to shield him from it anyway. I don't want to ruin his sweet gentle brain. He doesn't need those images stuck in there. He sees how affected I can become and has no desire.

    I've always had a propensity to seeing this stuff. Last night I asked Mr S. if he thought the reason was because I'd seen someone die at a very young age.

    At any rate - I've never been able to shield myself from not looking at these images. For myself, I think I understood early on - that this is what the world was, and I've never been able to look away since.

    Muslims have no sensitivity to gore. and I'm starting to think Americans don't either. Everyone was riveted to that girl who got shot in Iran who died out on film.
    I don't see the difference.