Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pure comedy.

You know. I have a little time on my hands this year. With the world collapsing and all - I thought I'd grow my own food.

Just kidding. 90% of the years I've had some sort of garden. Though, this year will be a little bigger, because I can't afford to rip a whole bunch of crap out and remodel anything. I have to put my energy somewhere. I mean with them canceling Cinco De Mayo events because some places don't have any money. Shit, I guess I'm going to spend a lot of time at home watching paint dry. Or something.

So when I pulled out my chile seeds I was a little surprised I had a 100% failure rate. They are only a few years old. So, off to my doochbaggy sounding seed company. They do have an exceptional selection of unusual chile pepper seeds after all.

One packet arrived in the mail today. Which I bummed about. I hope the others aren't discontinued. But, I'm getting off track.

Imagine my surprise when the seed packet was made of plastic! I was all - "what the hell"! I've been buying seed packets since I was a chiiild. They've always been made of paper. Yet, the company gave me this little disclaimer at the bottom.

Now, I'm not one to kibitz. Yes, Mr S. I said kibitz. If I wanted to - I could just put the damn paper in one of the holes I'm planting peppers in and the whole thing would disappear. Now, I've got this plastic envelope I have to eventually get rid of.

The old packets are on the right. I thought - hey, maybe this is some of that edible underwear type of plastic. So I stuck the corner of the envelope in my mouth to see if moisture started making it denigrate. Nope. Regular old plastic.

Now how much sense does that make?


  1. It's really all about cost. even though plastics are made from petroleum products, gas prices have a bigger impact on logging and trucking, thus driving paper prices up.

    They can probably slick out a hundred plastic sleeves for the cost of a few paper ones. So they pull a little George Orwell and suddenly declare "plastic" more environmentally friendly than paper.

    Don't question, merely obey.

  2. You aren't saying they are motivated by profits instead of saving Mother Earth are you? I mean... you saw the name of the company. Right?