Monday, April 13, 2009


No. I didn't have anything interesting for you yesterday. Truthfully there wasn't anything that interesting going on. I spent all day BBQ'ing ribs, and doing taxes. Which I dutifully got into the mail this morning.

On Wednesday I'm hoping to crash a couple of those Tea Parties. So I couldn't be stressing out about getting my taxes done, or into the mail. Plus, I'm just tired. It takes me a solid month full of weekends to get my taxes done. Verifying my numbers. Double verifying.

OBTW! If you haven't turned your taxes in, if I were you, I wouldn't be surprised to stand in that line for a very long time. Judging by my post office, they are running a thin staff. Two people at mine. And - I've seen stoned people work faster. There were 7 people in front of me when I went in. By the time I left there were 30 people behind me. And, half of the people in front of me were just buying stamps. It really is painful to watch how slow they move. No matter how many people in line, there is never a sense of urgency.

In other boring news. I thought my new terabyte drives were acting up. They were making a lot of noise. Guess how long it takes to do diagnostics on a terabyte drive? Guess! 4 hours. Yeah. So both drives took all night. The diags say they are fine.. so.. who knows that the problem is. Though I'm way too tired at this point to care.

I'm just glad my taxes are done.

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