Friday, April 10, 2009

Being chill.

My neighbor came over today. The one who has been living at his momma's house. To bring me chicklets from his vacation in Mexico. I told him - the only thing I want are those delicious Mexican chicklet gums. Please, for the love of gawd. Bring me some. So, he brought me two hand fulls. Which I love. Then he took me over to his new place. Which was so cute, actually.

That guy has been playing world of warcraft at his moms house every since I've lived here. So I wasn't expecting much. But, he did a really good job. I told him I'd been wondering why he hadn't slept at his new house yet. He told me his toilet was messed up. Or something. I was too distracted by the condo.

They are right around the corner from my place, and from the outside look pretty unremarkable. If you can get someone to look inside - they are actually really cute. Perfect rental units. Which got inside my head.

Somehow I have to figure out how to be a less neurotic landlord. I don't know how. But, somehow. My trigger is pegged on eviction all the time. But perhaps it's because I never wanted to be a landlord and really just want to sell my place.

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