Saturday, April 04, 2009

The gift that keeps on giving.

The plan was - we'd get up early today and tomorrow. Do a little taxes. Then go out and do some stuff. Ha. ha. ha! Whatever.

For some reason totally unbeknownst to me - certain financial institutions make it mind dizzyingly hard to import data from them into tax software. They make you buy a program, convert it into a different file type. So you can then import it into Turbo Tax. Which then informs you that you owe 9 trillion dollars. It turns out that it's stripped the cost basis off half of the stuff you want to import. Meaning you now need to enter this by hand.

Mr S. likes to call the companies. Ha. ha. HA! On Saturdays. He still thinks he can get help from people. I just roll my eyes, and smirk. When he's done I say "if we would have started entering this stuff by hand two hours ago, we could have been done".

But, I know it bothers his sensibilities. It isn't rocket science after all. And, it IS the year 2009. It shouldn't be this difficult just to have the tax software retrieve all that data. Then you can just check it to make sure it hasn't barfed.

But, no. He continues to call. He does get someone there on a Saturday. You know what they tell him? "You can find that data on your 1099". Thank you misses Nofucking help. We know where to find the data! We want to not have to type in all that information.

So, all that related stuff took us all day. Including the complete meltdown when I realized one of my tax forms is completely incorrect. And, I had to find all sorts of papers to prove it. Thus Turbo Tax again telling me I now owed an additional 9 trillion dollars.

I know I don't owe that money, but it always takes me a few hours for my body to realize it. I don't know how everyone is just so casual about cheating on their taxes. The IRS scares me. Thinking about how I was going to get the IRS to believe that my form is wrong. And thinking "I was mostly joking about getting audited again this year - but, maybe I will get audited now".

Anyway, I had to get out to the park before my brain exploded from number overload. There were some boring wild turkeys. Not much else besides this guy who was messing up my shot. Trying to act all wild kingdom. Notice his crouch? The wild turkeys can hear you, trying to be low to the ground doesn't make any difference.


  1. Still have not done my taxes yet! But we don't own anything, or owe anything. I don't have a paying job, so really how hard can it be. We're just laaaaazy.

    Wild turkeys are kind of lame.

  2. Still a full time volenteer then?

    Wild turkeys are lame. The park is sort of lame too. Mr. S. and I were discussing how we could make the park better by infecting it with peacocks or flying squirrels. I mean, I'd never do that. Just sain.