Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's your irfday. It's your irfday.

Look, this is when of the few times I have two subject titles. So you get them both.

Alt: Earth. It's what's for dinner.

I make no secret that I think these "love mother earth" hippies are a bunch of self aggrandizing bullshitters. With their made up carbon footprint this, and carbon tax that. Their solar panels they can't even plant in the desert, and which you can only get 20% efficiency out of.

Oh! I read today that it takes water to cool the more efficient solar panels. The ones they want to create a solar grid out of. Which made me laugh and laugh and laugh. When I got done rubbing the laughing tears from my eye, I felt extremely bad for the farmer communities who can't even get water. The unemployment is reaching 40% in their communities. Ooooooh right! I bet they aren't celebrating earth day there.

Nonetheless - I found myself at one of those dooshbaggy events in my town today. I thought I might convert and join a drum circle and chant kumbaya.

You know I'm kidding. I just wanted to have some footage to mock. When I got there it was the lamest most tiny showing ever. As we were driving up, I told Mr S. "I'm not sure we even need to get out of the car". Until the irony hit.

Look, if you want to convince me that the stupid earth day things are all about mother earth. Perhaps you shouldn't have a truck jumpy. And - an event sponsored by a car company. Just saying! It makes it hard for me to take you seriously.

Just another thing. How does f-ing plastic grass help mother earth? How? I bet this shit is made in China. Shipped in by boat. Trucked to where ever. Did I mention it is plastic????

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