Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Well, raise your hand then!

If you knew this would happen.

All week Mr S. and I have been debating the floors in the dungeon.

I think the general lean is towards putting in actual hardwood floors instead of some engineered hardwood floor. The prices aren't actually that different. Oddly enough.

I'm pretty sure the only price difference is the hardwood dude that assures you the floor can not be installed by some untrained simpleton like you.

And, the finishing.

Now, I've already done a nail down floor. Which I have to admit, was a bit of a learning curve. I might have not gotten through it without a few valuable tips from Alpha contractor. Now that I've done it - I have a bit of a contractor chip on my shoulder. They charge tons of money to install hardwood floors. F them. I'm not paying that. Especially now.

However I'm not going to finish the floor. That I will pay a guy to do that.

So why have I been putting off calling floor guys? Because, my contractor scab has apparently not healed yet. It takes such a huge amount of effort to maintain these guys. Even the ones I really like and know. Which this will not be.

The other fun item will be.... the bunnies. I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do so they aren't affected by the chemicals.

I suppose I could evict my renter, and put them over there. But, that doesn't make much logical sense. Now does it? Yet, I haven't met my eviction fantasies for the month yet. So there you go.

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