Monday, April 27, 2009


Dogs can still walk. Right?

When women started carrying around dogs - I kind of got it. Maybe their wombs were empty. Baby replacement and all that. I just don't really get guys carrying around dogs.

Sure, maybe if the dog is tiny and might get stepped on like the hem of a dress. But, still! Why are we making dogs helpless creatures?

Segue here. It is your lucky day. Normally I never warn anyone I'm changing subjects.

Oh.. okay. Maybe I'll throw in a "girl please." Because the wind is making me cranky.

Mr S. comes over to me and says - did you see that "girl please" walk through your shot? Where I probably muttered something about wanting to punch the wind. Next time I saw her I understood exactly why he'd gotten my attention. Then I grabbed a shot.

I know. I'm a complete asshole.


  1. People watching in your neck of the wood is great fun, isn't it? :)

  2. Heh. I was over in half moon bay, but I'd say generally people watching is a pretty rich environment.

  3. To this Central Valley flatlander, anything west of the Altamont pass is "Bay Area." :)

  4. Yes, I'm not sure you can get more Bay, than Half Moon Bay. It has it right in the name. Or so they tell me.