Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good luck with all that.

From the Central Valley Business Times.

"Sales of new cars and light trucks in California dropped by 43 percent in the first quarter of 2009 compared to the same period last year, the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) says. "

Who goes on to say:

“The recession and uncertainty surrounding the viability of Chrysler and General Motors have left many consumers on the sidelines,” says Gary Shipman, CNCDA chairman and operator of Toyota, Subaru and Mazda dealerships in Santa Cruz. “It’s too bad because consumer deals on new cars and trucks have never been better and the loss of sales tax revenue is really hurting our communities.”

Well... holy.... shit. I guess they should have thought about that when everyone said "you know what would help this problem? A tax increase". You know what is also hurting our communities? Paying more for every single item people purchase.

No one is sitting on the sidelines. Are these people out of their minds? We've got a 10% sales tax. For every 1000.00 bucks, you pay 100.00 in taxes. A tripling of the registration fee. For my two year old car my fee is about 333.00. This year.

I think I've gotten in right under the wire. I know the increase is suppose to happen at any time. Which would mean, next year the increase would make me pay a sum of around 999.00. I can't wait to see what the fee for the Chrysler is.

Let me just emphasis. My projected tax increase (just to register my cars) is probably going to be around 1500 bucks. In one years time. It isn't abnormal for people here to own two cars in this state. I really don't know a working couple that doesn't own two cars. Sure the Chrysler is a little spendy. But, the Solstice doesn't cost that much more than a Honda Sedan.

Chrysler and GM cars are the more expensive ones. Thus, their registration fees and taxes would go up the most. DUH!

BTW - did you know California is the largest single auto market in the United States? According to this site. I hope they really don't expect that to recover any time soon.

But, but, but. The registration fee increase isn't going to hurt anyone. Right. It's just a few hundred extra bucks. Except for a working family with two cars.


  1. Umm... I seem to remember Gray Davis losing his job because car registration fees were tripled. Why isn't anybody throwing Arnold out on his RINO butt?

  2. P.S.: We're a working family with two cars. This is going to hurt us BIG time.

  3. Was that why he was voted out? I voted him out because I couldn't depend on having power. That will make me vote anyone out.

    I'm not sure why they aren't screaming about Arnold. All I know is that I'm so tired of hearing him say "illl be backkk". It's like that old guy who keeps telling you that one dirty joke. But, it's not funny.

    Arnold seems a little off to me these days. Like he's not all together. He sort of has this shuffled walk. I don't know. Probably nothing.

    I hear ya about the hurt. It's maddening for one car, but families with two cars. That's a lot of money. A ton of money. It's like it didn't even occur to them how much money that really is to most people in Ca.

    I think that in itself blew the car market here. An extra grand for registration. That is crazy.